At SJPII Classical Catholic School, there are many fundraising events and programs for our families to get involved in.  These fundraisers help the school and its various organizations earn money needed for various school improvements and programs.
Besides the fundraising events that take place, there are a couple that are yearlong programs, please check out the information below.  Some even helps you earn cash off your tuition! 

See below for more information.

SCRIP (Shop & Earn Money off Tuition)

SCRIP is a Gift Card Program.
Our SCRIP program is a year-round fundraiser.  It is a program that works while you shop – national and local retailers help our school raise money.  Contact the school office for more details at  (313) 386-0633.
The PTA has offered to split the profit you earn 50/50 when you participate in our SCRIP program.  The money you earn will be applied toward tuition.

Shop with SCRIP Information

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Volunteer Information

Here is the information you will need to get started with volunteering at our school.

Boxtops for Education

No more clipping! 
Good news Boxtops for Education now has a mobile app that you can scan your receipt within 14 days of your purchase and SJPII Classical Catholic School will receive Boxtop points. Please watch the “How to Scan” video below for all the details. You can no longer clip Boxtops and submit them to the school.