The enduring value of a Classical liberal arts faith-based education

What makes us Classical?

Morals & Spirituality
We strive to deepen the understanding of our Catholic faith and tradition across the
We restore meaning and purpose to learning about the world around us.
We awaken wonder about the beauty of God’s creation to nurture the moral imagination.
We nurture the whole child in the process of making positive, healthy, and safe moral
decisions for themselves and others.
We cultivate habits of rigorous thinking about the truth, beauty, and goodness of God.

We strive to deepen the understanding of our Catholic faith and traditions across the
We place a strong emphasis on literature.
We expand on the importance of reading and writing.
We promote inquiry, critical thinking, and active learning.
We emphasize open-ended discussions and higher level questioning as to developing a stronger intellectual freedom.
We teach each student to think and learn independently.

Why Latin?
The language supports learning and understanding of other languages.
It is the language of our Catholic traditions.
It is the foundation of many languages.
It is the language of science, medicine, and law.

Kindergarten through Grade 8 Standards

The Archdiocese of Detroit sets standards for every Catholic school in the Detroit area.


Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, Computer, Study Skills, Spanish, and Latin.


The vision of the information technology program is to ensure the use of technology as a tool to increase effective communication, collaboration, cooperation, learning, decision-making, and problem solving.