Using the best practices developed over the years at St. JPII Catholic School, the faculty will continue to adhere to the instructional goals that set all children up to become “joyful learners”.

Our families at St. John Paul II Classical Catholic School can expect that their child will be taught the “how” and the “why”, and not just the “what”, while meeting each child at the level they learn.

Teaching is not telling. It is giving students tools for discovery by guiding them to cultivate a deeper level of thinking and develop a love for God and His Word.


What makes it Classical?

Morals and Spirituality

  • Deepening the understanding of our Catholic faith and tradition across curriculum

  • Restores meaning and purpose to learning about the world around us

  • Awakens wonder about the beauty of God’s creation to nurture the moral imagination

  • To nurture the whole child in the process of making positive healthy and safe moral decisions for themselves and others.

  • Cultivate habits of rigorous thinking about the truth beauty and goodness of God.


  • Deepening the understanding of our Catholic faith and tradition across curriculum

  • A stronger emphasis on literature

  • Expansion of reading and writing

  • Promoting inquiry, critical thinking and active learning.

  • Emphasis on open ended discussion and higher level questioning and develop a stronger intellectual freedom

  • Teaching each student to think and learn independently

Why Latin?

  • Supports the learning  and understanding of other languages

  • Latin is the language of our Catholic tradition.

  • It is the foundation of many languages

  • It is the language of science, medicine, and law


Our Mission Statement

St. John Paul pray with us this day, for the wisdom to live our faith in our school, in our homes and in our communities.

                                  We are Learning~Growing~ Believing~ Succeeding as Disciples of Christ

Our Philosophy

St. John Paul II Classical Catholic School is dedicated to educating students in beliefs, practices and traditions of the Catholic Faith.


St. John Paul II ClasssicalCatholic School incorporates parental involvement, a strong home to school community and a secure classroom environment.


The Professional Learning Community of St. John Paul II Classical Catholic School embraces diversity and encourages each student to fulfill his/her individual potential in a respectful Christian atmosphere.

We Offer

  Preschool 3’s – half day & full day programs (M-F)

Preschool 4’s – half and full day options (M - F)

Kindergarten – full day

Elementary Grades 1-8

Before and After School Kid’s Club/Latch Key

Favorable Student to Teacher Ratio

Foreign Language, Art, Music, Physical Education,

Library, Technology

Academic Development Room

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Sports for grades 5-8

Intramural Sport offerings for PS-4

All School Masses several days per week

Social and Service Opportunities

Eco Warriors Club

STREAM - Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math


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